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Homeland Security Services, Inc. CEO Leonard Bacani and Orange County successful business woman Nevine Carmelle appeared on the TV talk show "The Security Brief". Nevine Carmelle is a victim of online fake reviews, false impersonation and cyber bullying by her ex, Steven Sears. Homeland Security Services, Inc. private investigators assisted government agencies including the California State Bar, the IRS and police departments. The California State Bar uncovered Steven Sears’ inner dealings and police traced all online fake negative reviews, including all rebuttals posing as Nevine Carmelle and her attorneys to Steven Sears’ computers. The California State Bar used evidence obtained by Homeland Security Services, Inc. in their prosecution against Steven Sears who was eventually disbarred as an attorney.

Irvine Police seized Steven Sears’ computers, arrested him on September 18, 2013 and the Orange County District Attorney’s Office filed 29 felony criminal charges and 8 misdemeanors (OC case #13HF2902) against Steven Sears for stalking Ms Carmelle online, for posting false statements, and for posting fake reviews posing as Ms. Carmelle. Criminal restraining orders against Steven Sears was obtained to protect Nevine Carmelle.

Three months before the trial to prosecute Steven Sears, Sears failed to appear in court. Sears disappeared and he is nowhere to be found. Currently there is a bench warrant for his arrest. If you see this criminal call 1800-78-CRIME.

Watch the TV show and see how Nevine Carmelle's indomitable spirit has allowed her to overcome and prevail!